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Parenting Books on Kindness from a Local Author in Virginia Beach, VA

Emily Slingluff has long been an advocate for punishment-free parenting based on kindness, happiness, and love. She has written 3 parenting books in Virginia Beach, VA, to that effect and has published parenting articles as well. Emily first started writing when her children’s school asked what her techniques had been before they entered first grade. Since then, she has been featured on national TV and radio and has acquired numerous honors and glowing reviews of her work. You can listen to her on those shows and see where she’s been published on her media page.

Emily’s parenting books for new parents describe her philosophy on the effects of kindness and happiness vs. hatred. She believes in working with kids rather than against them, and that parents should not punish their children. If you’re a new parent who’s unsure of how to handle a strained relationship with your child, you’re welcome to ask Emily any questions for free. Be sure to check out her Q&A page to see what she’s answered already. You can also browse her parent-child communication guide in addition to the other resources on this website.

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Time with Children
 May 20,2020

"The other side of quarantine."

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Why is there so much Hate?
.. and the Solution.


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