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Emily Slingluff being interviewed by the famous Jack Canfield


A Present To The Newborn

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Parenting without Punishment by Emily Slingluff

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Choosing Happiness

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Emily Slingluff wrote A Present to the Newborn when her children's school asked what she had done with her children before they entered First Grade. She has been featured on TV and radio and has acquired honors and glowing reviews of her work. She believes in working with the child rather than against the child, talking and explaining instead of punishing. If you’re a parent who’s unsure how to handle a new baby or an older child, you will enjoy reading A Present to the Newborn, very short chapters on many topics. Some chapters are only one page. Easy to read and has been highly praised as scientifically correct.

The Virginian-Pilot

Parenting Matters
 November 30,2020

Re: "unseen victims" (Your Views, Nov. 23): There is concern about why some first-grade students want to be bullies, hurting other first-grade students, and also why some people want to shoot others in schools. As many know, but some hardly want to realize, there is a reason.

All first-grade students do not want to be bullies, trying to hurl their little classmates. All adults do not want to commit mass murders. So, why do some children and adults want to hurt others, and some want to be kind to others?

"Most babies come into the world ready to be influenced," as my website states. The parent is usually the main influence. If the parent chooses to be a kind parent instead of a dictator parent, the child is likely to feel secure, respected, and happy with life. People who are happy with life usually want to be nice to others and will help make this a more peaceful place instead of a more violent place.

Emily Slingluff, Virginia Beach

Why is there so much Hate?
.. and the Solution.


"Definitely something worth listening to!"

The Virginian-Pilot

Time with Children
 May 20,2020

"The other side of quarantine."

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The Most Important Job
A Celebration of Kind Parenting

Publisher calls it phenomenal!

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Peace Begins in the Crib 

A Short but Powerful Talk on Parenting

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