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Emily Slingluff wrote A Present to the Newborn when her children's school asked what she had done with her children before they entered First Grade.  Since then, she has been featured on national TV and radio and has acquired numerous honors and glowing reviews of her work.  She believes in working with the child rather than against the child, talking and explaining instead of punishing.  If you’re a parent who’s unsure how to handle a new baby or an older child, you will enjoy reading A Present to the Newborn,  very short chapters on many topics. Some chapters only one page.  Easy to read and has been highly praised as scientifically proved correct.  

There is much discussion of why people are not being kinder to each other,.  Many people say the cause is "the breakup of the family."  Maybe so.  But what does that mean exactly?  Husband and wife not staying married?  Would that cause people everywhere to be unkind to each other?   

Maybe the real meaning is that too many children are being mistreated  by their parents.  Sometimes this is only because some parents think what they do hardly matters and sometimes it is only because some parents have been told to be dictators, teaching the child with commands and punishment instead of guidelines and communication.  Most babies come into the world ready to be influenced.  Those who are treated with loving kindness when newborns, toddlers, and teenagers are different from those who are treated with commands or neglect.   Every parent matters in deciding  how to help make this a better place.


1. The formative years of life are formative

2. The beginning matters

3. Anwering the baby's cry from the crib with kindness gives the baby a sense of security

4. Continuing to answer the baby, toddler, and teenager with loving kindness helps the child be happy with life. 

Happy is a huge word.  Happy people usually want to be nice to others!  Oh wow, important .  Unhappy children or adults who are confused, depressed, and troubled to various degrees are the ones who try to make others hurt.  We can think of a little bully in First Grade trying to make other 6 year olds hurt physically or emotionally.  And we can think of a mass murderer who is obviously a person who is not happy with life, his own and the lives of others. Teaching the child with kindness matters. 

A Present to the Newborn by Emily Hunter Slingluff is helpful for a parent with a child any age. 

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