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The Virginian-Pilot, Letter to the Editor, September 18, 2019

The New York Times is receiving much publicity because of a recent tweet using the words “airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center.” When I heard a newscaster report those words, I immediately thought: Planes caused the 9/11 attack? Like guns caused the mass murders?

Surely, we all need to realize that planes did not fly themselves into the World Trade Center and also guns did not shoot themselves when there were mass murders. Human beings did. The only way we can lessen violence is by trying to lessen hatred in human beings. The only way to do that is in the formative years through the important job of parenting.

I have been writing and speaking about parenting for years. A parent who is kind while helping the child learn about life will likely have a child who is kind, caring about others and happy with life. Too often a parent thinks he or she should be a dictator who issues commands that must be followed, or else. The child of that parent will probably grow up feeling insecure, confused about his or her self-worth and some degree of unhappy with life. We know that hatred of others starts with self-hate. Let’s focus on the cure.

Emily Slingluff

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Emily Slingluff
Emily Slingluff

The cause of mass murders?  

Not guns.  Guns do not shoot themselves.  

The cause is the murderer is unhappy with life.

The cause of 6 year old bullies?

Not all 6 yr olds want to hurt other 6 yr olds,physically or emotionally.

The cause is the child is not happy with life.

What can be done?  

Tell everybody to be happy?  

Ha, will not likely work!  

Send everybody to counseling?  

How do that?

And... as Frederick Douglass said, years ago, ”It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”  

So, “build strong children” how?  

The formative years are formative.  

Who is the main influence then?  

The parent, directly or indirectly.  

So...what can a parent do?  

Happiness is chosen, not by the child, but by the parent.

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