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Parenting Books on Kindness

from an author in Virginia Beach, VA   

Emily started writing when her children's school asked what she had done with her children before they entered First Grade.  Since then, she has been featured on national TV and radio and has acquired numerous honors and glowing reviews of her work.  She believes in working with the child rather than against the child, talking and explaining instead of punishing.  If you’re a new parent who’s unsure how to handle a new baby or an older child, you will enjoy reading A Present to the Newborn,  very short chapters on many topics. Some chapters only one page.  Easy to read and has been highly praised as scientifically proved correct.  Emily knows that parent can enjoy parenting instead of complaining.  

The Virginian-Pilot

Time with Children
 May 20,2020

"The other side of quarantine."

News Article

Why is there so much Hate?
.. and the Solution.


"Definitely something worth listening to!"

Peace Begins in the Crib 

A Short but Powerful Talk on Parenting

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