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 Parenting Advice ... Reader's Testimonials

Raising children is enjoyable with this parenting advice.

There are parents who struggle to communicate with their children.  These books about parenting and the impact of positive parenting should help.

Learn more reading these parenting books.

Choosing Happiness

" Interesting reading!.  Helpful for all parents and grandparents."  - D.M.


"Really good. Concise. It is a page turner. I did not want to put it down. It makes perfect sense. Great." ~ Corinne B.

"I believe everything you said and it is so simple. I wish more would read it and take it to heart." ~ S.R.

"Deeply moving. It questions things that many refuse to acknowledge" ~ M.Z.

"Wonderfully wise." ~ B.H.

"Incredible." ~ M.S.

Parenting Without Punishment

"An easy read that makes sense."

"The author presents compelling reasons for treating our children with respect, kindness, and love."

"Well presented and concise."

"The approach is easy to understand and implement."

A Present to the Newborn

"It is the work of a genius." ~ Dr. Ruth Harrell,  Psychologist with Norfolk Public School System

"This book should be required reading for all parents."  - Rachel Hopkiins, Director, Norfolk Academy Lower School      

"This book is important." -  Frank Batten, head of Associated Press

Awards & Accolades

The Homemaker of the Year for the State of Virginia, 1988, from Eagle Forum and Phyllis Schlafly

Safe Harbor Award, 2014 for "Commitment to Helping Children and Families


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