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Choosing Happiness

When there is hate, it comes from a person who has hatred inside himself or herself.  That is sad.  This short, but "delving," book explains why some people feel hatred and some do not.  It is about why some people are unkind or even unlawful, and why others are happy with life and respect their fellow man.

Also, it is about what we can do to help. Some already know this, but might enjoy reading these clear thoughts.

Some excerpts 

"Why do some six year olds want to be bullies?"  "Why do some people want to murder people?" 

"Why are some people dishonest, unlawful, or mean in other ways?  The answer is not poverty or race or our schools."

"The goal of psychiatrists in treating patients of any age is happiness."

Choosing Happiness
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Other Books by the Author

Parenting Without Punishment

by Emily Slingluff

Three points for parents to make parenting easy instead of difficult and clear instead of complicated.

Received the top rating of 5 Stars from Amazon.com

Some words from a final chapter called "Why Not?"
"Instead of thinking of the problems in the job of parenting, we can look at the pleasures. Instead of spending time trying to figure out how best to punish the child, we can think of parenting without punishment. Instead of thinking pf pushing the child away when the child shows his human imperfections, we can think of being close to the child and communicating with him, helping him. Instead of distancing ourselves from the child as if there are two opposing sides in parenting, we can be on the same side. Instead of dwelling on the confusion in the job of parenting, we can look at the clarity. Instead of fretting, we can smile. Every parent can think of the importance of the job of parenting to his or her own child and through that child, to everybody else."

Parenting Without Punishment
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A Present to the Newborn: A primer for positive parenting 

by Emily Slingluff

A short simply written manual for parents.

excerpt from Chap.28, The Hard to Handle Child, "...Hard to handle, you say? A child who is hard to handle has been handled hard. A child who has been handled with care and kindness is not hard to handle...whether he is quiet and placid or whether he is active and energetic. A child who has been given your time and energy, whose questions have been answered, who knows that his parent is honest with him, who has been talked with... that child is easy to handle." 

Additional note from me, Emily Slingluff... No two children are the same. All children are different, every one. All parents are different, too. But... all children, no matter what, will profit from love and kindness from the parent instead of orders and punishment and meanness from the parent. To discipline means to teach, we know, and teaching works better by talking and explaining and listening, too, rather than by hitting or making the child miserable in some other way. Surely kindness begets kindness.

A Present To The Newborn
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